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Sugar Land Auditorium: A good mission for a good cause

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Built-in 1938, The Sugar Land Auditorium has stood the test of time. For 78 years, it has played host to world-class performances and hosted important events such as the 1965 Texas Youth Legislature. In 2015 voters generously approved a bond issue to help fund renovations and realize new opportunities for the community to gather, learn, and be entertained. As a result, sugar Land Auditorium will be a thriving cultural center for the community where all can come together at affordable prices.

Historic Sugar Land Auditorium is the last remaining public building of the original company-owned town of Sugar Land and the only building left from the original Sugar Land Independent School District #17. Sugar Land Auditorium’s story is very much a part of the history of Imperial Sugar Company and the early settlement of Fort Bend County.

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Sugar Land Arts Fest Sponsor
Sugar Land Arts Fest Sponsor
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