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Journalist Marquita Griffin talks about the Second Annual Sugar Land Arts Fest!

🖋️ By fbherald Jan 2, 2023

The community newspaper and magazine writer -for over 13 years- and weekly newspaper columnist at The Fort Bend Herald Newspaper, Marquita Griffin, talks about the second annual Sugar Land Arts Fest.

Marquita Griffin | Journalist, Online Editor, Magazine Writer & Editor
Marquita Griffin | Journalist, Online Editor, Magazine Writer & Editor

It’s no secret that I admire artists, especially those in our community.

From painters, sculptors and musicians to cartoonists, photographers and writers, Fort Bend is brimming with artistic talent that should be viewed and celebrated at every opportunity.

Art can record, remind us of and re-imagine humanity, and our world without art is akin to food without flavor.

You can get by on it and survive, but it comes without delight.

In the past 15-plus years, I’ve had the privilege to meet, interview and develop professional relationships with local artists — those from our area and others from other states and countries — and each one, no matter their medium, always teaches me something.

They continually open my eyes just a little bit more.

Whether an actor, dancer, or illustrator, through their work, they have this remarkable ability to fuel imagination and broaden the mind.

Sometimes they serve as subtle links to other worlds of thought or perspectives.

Being born and raised in the Richmond-Rosenberg area, I can recall times before the public display of local murals that have graced the front pages of The Herald, like those in Historic Downtown Rosenberg, for example.

These days, community talent is on display everywhere, from the walls inside or on the exterior of local businesses, in galleries or city centers, to the local libraries or the halls of our schools.

What’s more, is social media’s impact — positive and negative — on the art world.

On the one hand, greedy people are shamelessly stealing the creations of hardworking artists. On the other hand, social media is helping artists reach people beyond their intended viewers and increase their impact.

So when I suggest local artists apply for the upcoming Sugar Land Arts Fest, perhaps it comes from selfish motivation. Not only do I want to discover new artists and see the work of familiar ones, but I want more people from the community to consider their work.

To embrace more art.

The second annual Sugar Land Arts Fest is set for April 1 and 2. This year, the City of Sugar Land is partnering with the Sugar Land Cultural Arts Foundation to celebrate the event at the Smart Financial Centre Plaza. For those curious, the event is an outdoor art gallery featuring world-class artists from all backgrounds and artwork in all media. Live music, wine, food and entertainment are also included in the experience.

Let your work speak for you. And should any of you West Fort Bend artists — from Richmond, Rosenberg, Fulshear, Greatwood, Needville, Pleak or Kendleton — make it into the festival, tell me.

So to all you artists out there, apply.

The artist application process is FREE, but the booth (10 feet by 10 feet) costs $250. Applications must be completed by Feb. 28, however accepted artists who complete their registration by Jan. 31 will receive a $50 discount on booth space.

Complete applications at The required application documents include up to six images of artwork per artist; up to six booth images; and one photo for the artist’s profile image. Please remember that no late applications will be accepted.

The Sugar Land Cultural Arts Foundation estimates the fest will accommodate 100-120 artist booths, and “depending on the interest level from the artist community, the application process could be competitive and will be based on the quality of the application.”

Considering the inaugural celebration attracted more than three thousand people and more than a hundred artist booths, I anticipate plenty of interest.

Or, at the very least, I hope so.

Reach Marquita Griffin at But for more information about the Sugar Land Arts Fest or to purchase tickets, visit or follow @SugarLandArtsFest on social media.


The Sugar Land Arts Fest will take place at the Smart Financial Centre Plaza.

The state-of-the-art Smart Financial Centre Plaza is a beautiful environment for an arts festival.

"Come join our community and enjoy local artists, music, and food. You will be supporting the Foundation's mission to promote the Arts in Sugar Land," said Mr. Tim Stubenrouch, President of the Sugar Land Cultural Arts Foundation.


Experience what Sugar Land is all about through this partnership between the City of Sugar Land and numerous community members! Sugar Land Arts Fest is an experience like no other in Sugar Land, TX!

Let's get together and celebrate the arts in Sugar Land!


We ART excited to see you there!

Be the first to know about entertainment, schedules, and more by following the SLAF on social media: @SugarLandArtsFest


Sugar Land Arts Fest Sponsor
Sugar Land Arts Fest Sponsor
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