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Calling all Artists to Apply to Participate in the Third Annual Sugar Land Arts Fest!

Are you an artist? The Sugar Land Cultural Arts Foundation has opened the call for artists to participate in the 2024 Sugar Land Arts Festival, a two-day festival highlighting the cultural and artistic diversity of Fort Bend County and beyond, and artists, don’t miss out on the Early Bird Discount –  now until January 15, 2024, receive $50 off!

The Sugar Land Cultural Arts Foundation is seeking artists to apply to participate in the third annual Sugar Land Arts Festival presented by PrimeWay Federal Credit Union on April 27-28, 2024 at Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land. The festival is open to all professional and amateur artists specializing in 14 mediums, including calligraphy, ceramic/pottery, photography, painting, drawing, mixed media, and much more at Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land.

Sugar Land Arts Fest 2k23 | SLAF
Sugar Land Arts Fest 2k22 | SLAF

During the inaugural edition, more than three thousand people had a fabulous weekend visiting over a hundred artist booths, drinking hand-selected wines, eating delicious food, and enjoying live music.

The City of Sugar Land is partnering with the Sugar Land Cultural Arts Foundation to celebrate the second annual event at the award-winning Smart Financial Centre Plaza on April 27-28, 2024.

The artist application process is $25.00, and accepted artists will receive a special discount on booth space if their registration is completed by March 1, 2024. The Sugar Land Arts Fest, presented by PrimeWay Federal Credit Union, is an outdoor art gallery event with live music and entertainment featuring world-class artists from all backgrounds and artwork in all media.  



Artists can expect state-wide press related to this event.

  • State-wide media pushed from now until the Festival.

  • Continuous social media

  • The website will feature each artist with imagery and artist contact information.

Important Information:

  • Application fee is $25.00

  • Artists of all media are encouraged to apply.

  • The deadline to apply is March 1, 2024.

  • Early applications must be completed by January 15, 2024, to receive a $50 booth discount.

  • Required application materials: 5 images of your artwork that is representative of what you will be displaying in the booth (per artist), one (1) photo to be featured as a profile image of the artist, and one (1) outdoor image of your booth set up to include artwork, display, weights, etc..

  • Single booths are 10x10 feet, and artists can share booths.

  • Artists must supply their own white tent unless renting one from the festival.

Applicable fees can be found on the application website.

The Sugar Land Arts Fest will take place at the Smart Financial Centre Plaza. 

The state-of-the-art Smart Financial Centre Plaza is a beautiful environment for an arts festival.

"Come join our community and enjoy local artists, music, and food. You will be supporting the Foundation's mission to promote the Arts in Sugar Land," said Mr. Tim Stubenrouch, President of the Sugar Land Cultural Arts Foundation.


Experience what Sugar Land is all about through this partnership between the City of Sugar Land and numerous community members! Sugar Land Arts Fest is an experience like no other in Sugar Land, TX!

Let's get together and celebrate the arts in Sugar Land!


We ART excited to see you there!

Be the first to know about entertainment, schedules, and more by following the SLAF on social media: @SugarLandArtsFest 

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Sugar Land Arts Fest Sponsor
Sugar Land Arts Fest Sponsor
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