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2k23 Artists Registration

Sugar Land Arts Fest 2K23

Sugar Land Cultural Arts Foundation (SLCAF) is the leading voice for the cultural arts community in Sugar Land, Texas. We enable artists and arts organizations to thrive by effectively connecting the nonprofit cultural arts to the larger creative industry, the community, government and business; and support tourism through arts marketing and special initiatives.

- The Sugar Land Art Fest 2k23 Presented By Primeway Federal Credit Union is the second annual arts festival, taking place at the award-winning Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land Plaza. 
- The Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land Plaza is a state-of –the-art plaza, and it will be a beautiful environment for the Arts Fest. 
- The Sugar Land Arts Festival has partnered with the City of Sugar Land and numerous community partners, so it is sure to be a main event in the region’s calendar. 
- SLCAF encourages artists of all ages, backgrounds and media to put forth applications for the 1.5-day festival. 
- SLCAF’s preliminary estimates are that we will accommodate between 100-120 artist booths (10x10 foot, each), and depending on the interest level from the artist community, the application process could be competitive and will be based on the quality of the application.
- No phone calls. 
- No late applications will be accepted. 
- One application per artist. Artist groups may apply together for one booth with one application. 

Artists' Pricing

Artist Application fees

$200 registration from now until January 31, 2023

Each Artist Sharing a booth will pay an additional $50 each.

Tent rental $160 (If Applicable) 

  • Booth assignment is at the discretion of the Sugar Land Arts Fest.

  • Single Booth (10 x 10 feet) will be provided by artist.

  • Tent must be white & with straight legs.  Minimum o f 60 pound weights per leg.  First time festival artists must rent a tent from our vendor.

  • Rental of the booth space is for the space, only, and for participation in the Sugar Land Arts Fest.

  • All artwork must be displayed within or hanging from tent.

  • Additional back stock and other possessions such as boxes, stools, etc. must be off the sidewalks and neatly secured inside tent or vehicle.

  • No chairs or umbrellas may be set-up within walkways or outside of booth.

  • Tables and chairs not provided.

  • Artists & renters are responsible for tables, chairs, text, and all display stands, etc.

  • Electricity to individual booths is not available.

  • Each booth renter is responsible for its contents.

  • Sharing booth space is allowed. All artists sharing a booth are bound and agree to the Sugar Land Arts Fest Rules & Regulations and must sign the Acceptance & Agreement section of the Application.

  • Artist parking will be allowed in designated Artist lots only. After unloading, all artists’ vehicles must park in these lots.

  • Booth Set Up Process and Breakdown Process will be distributed to artists upon acceptance to the 2022 Sugar Land Arts Fest.

  • Artists will be notified within two weeks of submitting their Artist Application of registration status.

  • Artists are required to submit payment for Sugar Land Arts Fest within one week of acceptance.

  • Summary of Applicable Fees.

  • $250 per booth, if artist is accepted and paid for from February 1-February 28, 2023.

  • $50 fee per additional artist, if sharing a booth.

  • $160 optional booth rental fee, if artist(s) want a 10×10 booth set up/broken down by Festival.

Choose Files
Choose Files
Second Artist Information

Please fill out the second artist form if you are sharing the booth. Otherwise, you may submit your registration form now.

Choose Files
Choose Files

I have read and added all the necessary info to be part of SLAF 2k23.

Your content has been submitted

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